6 Tips for Planning Your Office Holiday Party

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Mingling and laughing with coworkers at the holiday office party is a highlight of the year for many employees. It’s a chance to relax, have fun, celebrate a year’s work well done, and enjoy delicious food together. Get the scoop on planning your office holiday party for yourself and your colleagues. 

phillips celebrations planning your office holiday party

Select a Planning Committee 

Don’t try to plan everything yourself! You’ll be stressed out when you should be able to enjoy yourself at the party as well. Instead, recruit some savvy colleagues as your party planning committee, and work together to pull off the best event your company has seen. 

Think of a Theme 

Selecting a theme can make it easier to decide on decor, food, games, dress code, and more. Plus, a themed party is more fun! Why not try a theme like the Grammy’s, the Oscars, black and white, casino, or Broadway?  

Since your party takes place during the holidays, you can always adopt related colors and elements as part of your theme. Your guests will love attending a party with a “holiday gala” theme that incorporates traditional celebrations, but with a new level of elegance. 

Choose the Holiday Office Party Venue 

Nothing says “You’re special” to your employees like taking them to an incredible venue for the holiday party. Select a venue featuring gardens and grounds that are even beautiful in the winter months. Consider elegant indoor spaces that form the perfect setting for a memorable event.  

Explore the gardens, ballroom, interior rooms, cuisine, and other offerings via our online photo gallery. You’ll get a sense of the rich furnishings and traditional decor, mixed with modern details that make our event space a prized destination for corporate events and weddings.  

phillips celebrations planning your office holiday party

Double Up on Invitations 

Sending out invitations in both paper and online form is the surest way to get the RSVPs you need for a proper head count. Have a company designer or a local artist design both the online and hard copy versions, and send them out to your guests well in advance.  

If you’d like to go the extra mile, create a simple website where guests can see the theme, respond to the invitation, and start getting in the party spirit. 

Order More Food than You Think 

It’s always better to have too much food and drink than too little. Hiring a great chef can help you get as close as possible to the amount of food you’ll need, with a comfortable buffer in place just in case some of your guests show up without having sent an RSVP.  

You can preview  buffet options, maybe even create an office themed menu.  

Plan Some Entertainment 

Whether it’s a DJ and dancing, a truly impressive magician, a comedian, or live music and company awards, you’ll need some form of entertainment during the party. Our event specialists can recommend vendors and entertainment that will make the night even more memorable. 

If you’d like to take your holiday office party to the next level this year, contact us at Phillips Celebrations. We’d be happy to schedule a consultation so you can see local venue options and amenities for yourself. Don’t wait to book your holiday office party.

If you are planning your office holiday party for your co-workers, great! Visit Phillips Meetings & Events for on-site corporate planning options.

What ideas do you have for planning your office holiday party? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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